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clean and sanitary industrial production facility with concrete flooring installed professionaly by indue

I have tried the rest and am now with the best! Indue are professionals who use professional equipment and coatings with the end result being professional grade. 

Vic - Sun Opta Inc.

The Indue crew was a top-notch operation through the whole process and I appreciated their willingness to work a Sunday night allowing for a shorter turnaround for the project timeline. Tom, please pass on my thanks of a great job to Devon and crew! 

Bruce - General Mills

I appreciate the service that Indue has provided over the years! They have handled themselves very professionally and have also followed our strict company standards as we expect. I would recommend Indue for any flooring project!

Tom - MOM Brands

One of the best contractors I've worked with in a while. They did a great job with following GMP's, were very accommodating and professional. Great job everyone and keep up the good work!

Jim - General Mills

I've contracted with Indue multiple times and at multiple sites and the result is always the same... Outstanding! You deliver a superior product and your guys take pride in their craftsmanship. Your teams communicate effectively, coordinate well with adjacent trades, value safety, understand how to work in a GMP food production environment, and always meet the timeline. I wish all my contractors performed to your level!

Rob - Post Consumer Brands

We are very excited to have Indue as a vendor of great flooring systems and even more excited about the professionalism and level of service your team is providing. I wish I would have let you show us your level of expertise sooner. Better late than never.

Chris - Senior Manufacturing Manager

The guys did a great job this weekend. Everything was very organized and went smoothly, even with the added areas. I was very impressed how they followed the silica dust requirements. All the people that come are always very professional. Thank you! 

Pat - Hormel

Once again guys, your work was top-notch. I really appreciated the amount of people you brought in to ensure that the job was on time and a success. The extra effort has allowed us to get a jump start on the re-installation plan and for that alone I'm very thankful. I know we really appreciate your extra efforts when on-site, ensuring all is done to our and your expectations. Your professionalism, attention to detail and your extra work to ensure mixing areas are clean when you leave speaks volumes of you guys. Thanks and see you on the next job. 

Ronnie - Smithfield

Just wanted to let you know how easy you guys made it for us on this last project on the Polo line. We appreciate the way you and your crew came in to look at the situation and help us find the best solution. You and your guys are always willing to let us know what has worked best for you in the past and share your results with us. Not to mention some of the ideas that you have given our group to consider to make the best choice for us. 

Jon - Blue Bunny


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