sample of indue high performance striping safety measure to direct traffic within an industrial facility

MP Striping

A urethane base coat with a colorquartz and urethane topcoat.       

depiction of the layers of the MP striping containing urethane base coat colorquartz and urethane topcoat


Striping is an important aspect of safety and communication. Indue's striping systems use the same high performance coatings as our floors to provide a durable, long-lasting solution for your facility's striping needs. From directing forklift traffic to designating stations there are endless possibilities. We offer striping in any of our MT/UTC colors. 



   1.  Employee Safety: striping can be used to outline proper walkways, designated forklift traffic crossings, or even various hazards. 

   2. Customizability: we customize our striping to match what works for you, from color to stripe width.  Every food and beverage manufacturing plant has different ways of doing things and we can meet those different needs with our system.

   3. Durability:  when we implement striping solutions into our flooring systems, we do not take shortcuts. We will actually build the striping right into the flooring system using the same Indu-Crete urethane coatings. 

layer by layer image of a full indue wall and floor concrete system along with striping
safety walkway demonstration image in manufacturing facility
yellow stripe to direct traffic industrial facility

MT Striping

A robust 1/4" trowel down urethane cement system with colorquartz broadcast and a urethane topcoat.       

a robust 1/4" trowel down urethane cement system with colorquartz broadcast and a urethane topcoat


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