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Sloping a floor is a solution for repairing floors and draining issues in industrial food and beverage manufacturing environments. When floors are not draining properly, water can begin to pool which can lead to dangerous bacterial harborage. Indue uses a multi step process for sloping a floor. 

Benefits of Sloping:

- Laser guided elevations are taken to create a slope independent of the existing slab

- Removes imperfections in floor profile

- Fixes problems with drainage

- Reduces harborage points for bacteria and microbes

- Protects and reinforces the subfloor

- Improves sanitation and cleanliness

- Eliminates pooling

To Consider-

Drains must be set at proper height.    High points must be strategically placed to ensure proper drainage.   Drainage zones should be designated to ensure efficient drainage.   Termination points will be affected during the planning process.     Machines are often problem areas for pooling. 

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