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Sanitary Design

Indu-Crete systems incorporate sanitary design principles to provide a hygienic flooring solution. A properly sloped floor is an imperative component of sanitary design and safety. Improperly sloped floors can result in poor drainage and standing water.  This constitutes a safety hazard for personnel as well as a breeding ground for bacteria.  A properly sloped seamless urethane floor is impervious to moisture and ensures proper drainage, denying bacteria the moisture it needs to survive.  


- Our floors have customizable surface profiles based on your environmental needs, allowing the floor to strike the right balance of slip resistance and cleanability  


- Color options for hygienic zoning and safety requirements 


- Monolithic system decreases maintenance and harborage points, especially in comparison to grout lines in tile and brick systems


- 45° Cant cove eliminates potential harborage points for moisture, bacteria, and pests and the junction between the floors and vertical surfaces such as walls and machine legs 

red cement flooring with white walls sanitary slip resistant surface
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