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finished cement flooring in large industrial warehouse, manufacturing facility, sanitary design

Using large walk - behind machines, our crew grinds down the surface with each pass to achieve a even floor that will reflect light and is easier to clean. Not all industrial floors can be polished so we recommend speaking with your Indue sales rep to go over our options regarding your warehouse or shop floor. 

Our Step by Step Process

- Indue recommends removing any roll on or paint like coating with an initial prepping pass with our most aggressive blades. 


- After the concrete has been opened up we will then use Indue Joint filler in any expansion joints as well as fill in any voids with our Indue QP3 patch kit


- Next, we continue to prep the floor in a series of steps with a 50 and 100 grit diamond blade


- At this stage Indue will apply a spray on densifyer to the concrete 


- We will then continue to prep the floor in a series of steps with a 200, 400 and 800 grit diamond blade

-  Optional polish up too 1600 or 3200 resin bond diamonds for maximum shine 


cement flooring in industrial warehouse with yellow safety lines
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