Sloping a floor is a solution for repairing floors and draining issues in industrial food and beverage manufacturing environments.  When floors are not draining properly, water can begin to pool which can lead to dangerous bacterial harborage. Indue uses a multi step process for sloping a floor.

          1.  Prep / Brick Removal:  The first step of the process involves removing all of the tile (if any), and prepping the concrete substrate.

         2.  Set Rails:  Rails are set for the concrete fill to follow a pre-determined slope for the new floor. This ensures that the new floors will drain properly.

         3.  Fill with Indu-Rok:  Indu-Rok is a cement based mortar with fast curing qualities. Indu-Rok will be the substrate for the new floor coating.

         4.  Coat Floor with Indu-Crete:  At last we get to install the new floor coating. Typically, in the rooms where we complete sloping work, our Indu-Crete MT/UTC system is the best fit.


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