sloping system


Food Production / Forklift Traffic Areas/ Chemical Containment Areas 


Eliminate existing imperfections and pooling  

laser guided elevations create a slope, independent of existing slab  

replaces quarry tile that are susceptible to harboring bacteria

repair deteriorating structural slabs 


Dairy Brick  / Improper Drainage / Water Pooling 

Sloping Floors to Drains and Surface Leveling

Fix water pooling, improper drainage, low spots, and bird bathing

Are you experiencing issues with water pooling, improper drainage, low spots, or bird bathing? Are you installing a drain and need an area sloped, or are you removing a drain and need a level surface that is currently pitched? 

Why Do I Need an Area Sloped or  Leveled?

Proper drainage is essential for safety and sanitation reasons. Water pooling, low spots, and bird bathing can be solved without repouring the slab - Indue can reslope areas with a formable water based mortar, and recoat with a polyurethane concrete overlay for a more cost-effective solution and a quick turn-around time.