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New Construction / Expansion Installation

       Vitrified tile is quickly becoming the top choice for acid resistance tile specifications in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, and it's obvious as to why. Simply put, there is no other industrial tile that matches up to what vitrified can do in terms of everything from compressive strength to water absorption rate. If you're investing in the best acid resistant tile flooring solutions on the market, you're going to want "the best" to be the one's installing it.  At Indue we bring the experience that counts, and the best vitrified tile products on the market.



Tile/Grout/Expansion Joint Repairs and Installation

       Headquartered in the great state of Wisconsin, Indue is proud to share our home state with over 400 dairy plants! We understand the time and care it takes to properly maintain a tile based flooring system. Maintaining tile, grout, and joints is critical in ensuring the maximum effectiveness of a vitrified tile system. . With this in mind we always work individually with each one of our customers to develop repair schedules that work with and around their busy production cycles.



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Vitrified Tile Installation Video