Indue Featured Winter Project:

Featured Winter Project: 


Customer Problem:

This food processing customer wanted all dairy brick tile removed due to poor structural condition and bacterial issues.  The current floor had poor drainage that lead to water pooling, causing harboring areas for bacteria. 

Project Process:

Indue removed all old dairy brick tile with Jackhammers, following the removal process the crew proceeded to grind the existing adhesive. Indue installed drain rails to kick off the meticulous sloping process. This was followed by back filling slope with Indue - Rok to get the correct pitch. After this step the Indue crew installed Indu-Crete MT trowel down system paired with Indue Quartz aggregates, providing maximum non-skid.  For the final step of this system Indue UTC urethane top coat was added to provide maximum chemical protection. 

Indue Project Featured Products


Indue- Rok:

Indue Rok is a rapid setting water based mortar used in creating the sloping process.  

Indu-Crete MT:

Polyurethane concrete troweled at 1/4" - 3/8" thickness. Designed specifically for harsh, industrial production environments. 

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Anti-Microbial

  • Shock Resistant

  • Impact Resistant

Indue- Quartz:

Aggregate broadcasted onto freshly installed Indu-Crete adding strength and non-skid qualities. Indue Quartz includes a variety of color options. 

Indue- UTC:

is a two part polyurethane roll-on system.  Indue -UTC performs well in high traffic areas and areas exposed to chemicals and thermal shock.  

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