Decorative Flake System

                          PRODUCTS:  indu-poxy SD / Indue Flakes / INDUE HBU                   

    Chemical              Slip resistance          Easily cleaned 

    Chemical              Slip resistance          Easily cleaned 


Decorative Color Flakes are durable, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing, yet still provide superior chemical and erosion resistance.  
Flake flooring provides a seamless texture which is slip-resistant and discourages microbial growth.


Offices / Bathrooms / garage floors / commercial kitchens / hallways / locker rooms / schools / lunch rooms / showrooms / retail stores 



Indue Standard Flake Colors 

Custom Colors Available For Order (Prices may differ)

Commercial Collection 

Commercial Color Flakes.jpg

Eclectic Collection 

Eclectic Color Flake.jpg

Greystone Collection 

Brownstone Collection