Featuring Indu-Crete 

Protect your floors with an industrial strength coating built to withstand the demanding environments in your production areas. 3X thicker than most floor coatings. 

  • unsurpassed thermal shock resistance
  • high chemical resistance
  • impact resistance

2800 Enloe St. Hudson, WI


Beautiful and Tough. 

The colors and textures are limitless. We use low odor base coats and top coats that are super tough! Quick curing and usually installed in a weekend. 

  • lunch rooms
  • bathrooms
  • hallways.

 Toll Free: 800-577-6213

Concrete Polishing

Strengthen and Beautify 

400X harder than power troweled concrete.  Increases light reflectivity up to 30%! Provides aesthetic appeal. Diamond polishing your floors can be a great option for;

  • warehouse floors
  • hallways
  • conference rooms

General Mills + Hormel + Kraft + Land O'Lakes + MOM Brands + Seneca + Pepsi + Jack Links + Jennie-O Turkey + AMPI + Bush Brothers + Cargill + Wrigley + Mondelez +  many, many more!